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Isaac's Bio

Avid backcountry jib-skiier, occasionally am found in the park and chutes. 20 years old and have been skiing for nearly 10+ years.

Since Washington is my hood, I am caught mostly at Snoqualmie and Stevens Pass, sometimes Crystal Mountain, and rarely I'll take a trip to Whistler/Blackcomb, White Pass, and Mts. Baker, Hood and Bachelor. I'm blessed to have soo many options so close to me.

I rock soley K2 skis, I have a pair of 2005 Public Enemies for chill days and a 179 pair of 2010 K2 Obsethed's that I rock for the HxC backcounty/park skiing.

My bindings are Salomon Spherical Bindings with a quick release but they are tuned fairly tight. They fit pretty much any boot and help absorb jump impacts better than any biding I've had so far, so they are my sole binding of choice.

Teh Bottom Line for my style: You can never go too large.

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