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Ireneusz K.

Ireneusz K.

Ireneusz K.

Ireneusz K.wrote a review of on May 18, 2013

Waterproof pocket unusable - too small!!
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Be careful purchasing this one. The quality is great as always with patagonia. However apparently no one tested these on the water before production. It is impossible to squeeze any cell phone, wallet, car keys etc in the waterproof pocket (inside of the wader). If you try very hard it will maybe take an iphone without a protective case, but that means that 95% of us would have to remove the case from the phone prior fishing. Samsung users - forget it - it will NOT fit no matter what you do. Plus it is so small that will hold only one thing, either small wallet, car keys or smaller cell phone. No way of fitting all 3 items that we all usually have on us.
You can always put these items in one of the hand warmer pockets outside as the suppose to be water resistant, but that's always risky, plus you will not be able to use that pocket for your cold hand.
Again - probably the best wader out there along with the top Simms model, but the pocket should be 2 times the size. I will probably go back to no zipper model.