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Australia.. blue mountains, blue skys.

Icesharp's Passions

Hiking & Camping

Icesharp's Bio

Avid skydiver, scubadiver, canyoner, climber, and milk drinker. I think rabbits will be the next masterrace and eventually rule the animal kingdom alongside sabretooth penguins.


Icesharpwrote a review of on June 18, 2011

5 5

This sweater is perfect for home/office/backcountry. I've used it as an outerlayer with just a tshirt down to around the mid 40s keeping me warm cozy all the way, while stil being breathable enough to cope with the changes between outdoors and office central heating/aircon. I'm 5'11, 170lb, 30waist 40 chest and the medium fits perfectly. The fabric is luxuriously soft inside while also having a beautiful durable knitted look outside.

The sweater has lasted me an full year of use down the pub, climbing, canyoning and caving... although it does tend to stretch over time with too many drinks being carried past bouncers in the handy inside pockets, and is unfortunately not fireproof... went into cave... torch started going out.. whirled torch around to get some oxgyen in the flame and enough light to get out of a dark situation... upon finding daylight I also discovered multiple holes all over my favorite sweater from the bits of ash coming off the torch... Will get 2 this time incase I'm attacked by flaming bees or something in the future.