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Herb Theodore

Herb Theodore

The rivers of the west side of Michigan!

Herb Theodore's Bio

I have been a Steelhead bum since I was old enough to hold a pole I was obsessed all I wanted to talk about, eat, see and play with was fish. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on who you talk to)not much has changed since then!
As a child of western Michigan a lot of that obsession was, and continues to be, centered around steelhead.
I will always be a steelhead bum. I will veer dangerously every time I drive across a bridge with a river.
I will more than obsessed over river levels and rainfall.
I will spend more than my fair share of hours submerged waist-deep in icy water chasing that dream!
But I think I have it under control!

Herb Theodore

Herb Theodorewrote a review of on September 28, 2011

5 5

We have used this rope for a anchor line for 4 weeks now on our 19 foot river jet boat it has held up very well to all of the demands that we have put on it from 70 pound anchor swinging around when we jump dams also from all of the rocks and broken concrete on the bottom of the river this rope still looks like it just came off the spool!