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Henry Vinson

Henry Vinson

Bozeman, MT

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Hiking & Camping

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SKI, SKI, SKI, SKI, SKI!!!!! Make it happen.

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Henry Vinson

Henry Vinsonwrote a question about on October 14, 2011

I am 5'11'' and 175lbs. I have a pair of chopsticks at 185 that are great, and a pair of gotamas at 186 and they are a little sluggish, and a pair of bridges at 187 and they are long (for a drought time park ski) but soft enough to maneuver easily. I am a bit cautious of the 193. I feel like if the rocker is the same as in the chopstick the 183 will be much too short, yet i need it to be nimble and sable. The width makes me not afraid of the amount of float the 183 will have but would I be better off in the 193? I am an ex-racer who gets 80+ days a year so I can turn a larger ski and need stability while straight lining and dropping but spend quite a bit of time in the trees so agility is critical. Any thoughts? 183 or 193?