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Helge Smeby

Helge Smeby

Helge Smeby

Helge Smebywrote a review of on October 20, 2009

3 5

Got this from a dealer at 50% off since it's last years model and there was no box or cable to the headphones. Dealer told me it was ok to use regular headphone-cables. Not-so-true. Try finding new cables online, it's IMPOSSIBLE! Contacting a local Protec importer / dealer was suggested as a solution so i did - Vans Norway import these in Norway - they got me the wrong cable - the plug on this is super special so regular 3,5mm jacks just won't do.

Went back to the store and demanded a new cable, suddenly they had it in stock anyways and gave it to me in exchange for the (free) cable i got from Vans Norway. The cable is very special as it has a locking mechanism. You plug it in and twist it a little and it sits tight and seals the hole. Very smart but very difficult to fetch a replacement.

Haven't tried it on in the field yet (will update review once the snow starts coming) but first impressions are nice, sound is powerful and quality seems nice. Sound can be muted instantly by pressing a button on the left earpad. Volume can be adjusted on the right. Glove-friendly layout.

3 stars, helmet is nice and sound system works fine but it's no good without the cable and the cable is HARD to come by!