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Hannahwrote a review of on April 16, 2012

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The Short:
I am tempted to buy a second pair right now so that I have some when my current pair wears out- I don't want to risk NOT having these in my life.

The Long:
I was wary about buying ANOTHER pair of day hiker/approach shoes. However after loving my La Sportiva climbing shoes and reading the reviews of these shoes, I decided to go for it. Boy, I have not regretted my decision once. These shoes are STURDY, keep my over-pronating feet in check; they are LIGHTWEIGHT, heading up and down a 9-mile hike with mixed terrain of snow, mud, and dry dirt was no problem. Bouldering at the top was a dream- the toe and sole have the stickiest rubber that allowed me to play without overthinking my feet.

Side note: on a recent hike there were people struggling up and down slick terrain, while I had footing that I could write home about. Sticky, nimble business. Loved it.

Bottom Line: If you need some good approach shoes that can handle a lighter hike but also a day-long push with bouldering, don't hesitate to get these in your life!