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Gyuriwrote a review of on January 23, 2013

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

If you just want the punchline:

very comfortable
fairly water-resistant
good looking

NOT windproof!!!

OK, so if you`re interested in the breakdown, here it goes. This is a very nice jacket, it looks great and holly crap it feels cosy! I use it to cycle to and from work every day. Down to mid 30s you only need a T-shirt, around 30 maybe a base layer under the Stoic to stay warm enough. It sheds light rain and snow as expected. Today in 12F I had a light polartec powerstrech fleece underneath. It keeps you warm, kinda, when walking around etc. But on the bike there is wind too, not just the cold! And this jacket is not windproof, not even a bit. Quite honestly you can feel the smallest breeze going through it. How is it possible that a $200 softshell isn`t windproof? It`s 2013, you can get windstopper for half the price these days! Stoic, this is outrageous! If I haven`t taken the label off already this would be going back. Make the exact same jacket with a real windproof shell on the outside and this will be the best winter jacket on the market, right now though, it`s not worth a penny...



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Gyuriwrote a question about on June 20, 2012

Hey guys,
question about what gear to get: I`m an avid hiker looking for some good rain gear to repace my old NF Hyvent. I`ve been comparing the Mammut Parinaco, Mammut Gasherbrum, and the Norrøna Trollvegge jackets to lighter jackets like the Mammut Grade and Mammut Rainer jackets. I`m going on Kilimanjaro this year and would need something suitable for that hike that`s also packable enough to carry around in the backpack. I`m just not sure how the heavier jackets pack away when they are not needed or how would the lighter ones stand up to summit conditions at almost 20.000 feet. Anyone has experience with this?