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There is nothing like a big black steaming cup of coffee in the morning while you scope out the day's conditions.

Will today be a climbing day? How about we rig up the kite and go flying? Or perhaps its time to paddle out and snag some hurricane surf.

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Guacamolewrote a review of on August 28, 2008

3 5

These kicks have a lot of style and Patagonia's heart is in the right place with the eco materials, but if you walk a lot to and from work, you'll find that you wear through the sole at the heel and quickly bite into the leather. No I'm not a heel dragger either... just walk/use public transportation whenever possible

Still at a cheap price, they are totally worth it





Guacamolewrote a review of on January 18, 2008

4 5

I just got back from a weeklong trip to Whistler where we got dumped on (55+ inches during the trip). I brought a backup pair of bindings in case these didn't fill the bill, but they were just dead weight in the suitcase

Great looks and style, I got the black and red, but they look and act bulletproof.
Adjustability out the wazoo
Comfortable straps, metal ratchets and gears
Stiff as hell

Stiff as hell
Strange binding release mechanism on the upper strap was tough to release consistently. Not a problem on the toe strap
Convertible to strap to toe cap strap didn't seem to stay in place on the toe cap. Thats ok because it was really comfy over the top of my foot traditional style.
The ratchets ate my mittens, something about clearances but I quickly learned to tighten with my thumb

Overall they are a fairly pricey premium binding and are worth every penny unless you are looking for a dedicated binding with toe cap straps