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Grzawrote a review of on February 18, 2011

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I was so excited to get my lodown and when i finally got it, the yellow band was stained a dingy grayish yellow after a week! I emailed nixon and they told me that i could send it in, and they would replace the band, but there would be a fee.
As far as the functions of the watch, I had to figure it out myself because the package (at least with the one that I bought, didn't have any instructions.

I wore the watch for over a year, despite the dingyness, but then switched back to my baby-g.

If Nixon would have replaced my band for free, or if they would try to figure out some way so it wouldn't get filthy looking again, I wouldn't have any problem with the watch.
I was just disappointed that my new watch looked.. well, not new.