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Gregg Christopher

Gregg Christopher

Gregg Christopher

Gregg Christopherwrote a review of on August 16, 2011

5 5

These fit over a variety of shoes and boots for me, stay in place all day, keep junk out of my shoes and are (on average) as water-resistant as whatever's left of the gore-tex shoe lining at that point in the season. I should splash around in fewer puddles if I expect dry feet. They're great gaiters!

OR is serious about the lifetime warranty. After a lot of side-hilling on rocks and scree, the buckle prongs bent and eventually broke off. The rest of the buckle looked like it'd been ground in a kitchen garbage disposal for a few hours. Interestingly, the underfoot straps were still going strong, and the rest of the gaiter was as good as new. I think that means that other than the buckles, these things are close to indestructible.

The OR rep was helpful and quick to offer to a replacement or repair. I was worried that the replacement wouldn't arrive in time for the next trip, so I bought another pair of the same gaiters. However, the new ones arrived eerily fast, and now I have two pair!