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Christopher G.

Christopher G.

Christopher G.

Christopher G.wrote a review of on March 2, 2010

Not worth my time
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First off, Vasque has had a HUGE drop in quality since they moved their production out of Italy. My last pair of Vasque Rangers lasted years but upon my first use of the new model, made in China 12/08, I got a tear in the nubuck leather on the inside of the right toe box. Disappointing completely.

After assessing my walking style for two days I realized it was not simply wear from rubbing. Returned the boots under warranty and got a new pair, one size smaller, thinking it may make a difference where my foot placement is. After receiving the new pair I was extra conscious of the way I walk and ensured it was not just me. Upon using the new pair for a week I had a tear in the same exact spot. This sealed the deal. Never buying a pair of Vasque boots again.

After taking the boots to a local cobbler to patch the hole they were good as new, except that I had to silicone seal where the cobbler had to pierce the Gore-tex membrane with the thread to hold the patch on. Continued use of the boots have only put more nails in the coffin. I have put only about 60 miles on this pair and it has been normal trail use, no scree field scrambles or downed timber tromping. The mesh siding, especially on the inside near the arch is tearing and exposed the Gore-tex liner directly to the elements. This tear is apparent in both left and right shoes. This, in my opinion, is poor quality and cannot be stood for. I just wish anybody else better luck with these.

I'm disappointed in the difficulty I have finding a decent pair of hiking boots for a large foot(Mens 14), especially if I don't have a large volume.
These boots, in bigger sizes at least, are tailored for people with fat feet. When I lace them up and pull them tight, the sides are almost touching, not good.




Christopher G.

Christopher G.wrote a review of on March 1, 2010

5 5

Just got back from a week long snow camping trip and a summit with this.
Overall great design. I can't say enough how happy I am that the handle isn't round; with frozen hands you don't want to mess with finding the buttons and this solved the problem quite simply. Moved a TON of snow quick. Bigger blade is definitely worth the weight, especially if you're digging pits often. The shovel was a bit cumbersome when trying to start off the snow cave but after the initial small areas were cut this thing was a block machine.

Only downside: the blade can get roughed up relatively quick if you're digging close to the ground or rocks, so don't dig near rocks or the ground, duh.