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Goldtraderwrote a review of on May 6, 2011

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I have worn Aviators for years, they offer an unobstructed view, and provide protection from the sun, and other hazards to a large part of the face.

I was attracted to the Maui Jim Pilot, Aviator, Navigator, State Trooper, frame, by the semi-half rimless lens. The stainless steel frame is hidden in the lower part of the glass like no other Aviators that I have owned, making them appear rimless from the bottom.

Maui Jim Pilots, are a single use sunglass. They are ideal to wear on a sunlit beach in the daytime. They are too dark to use at night, inside, or anywhere that you have rapidity changing brightness conditions. Only Maui Jims wearers are wealthy enough to wear something that has such limited use.

Maui Jim does not offer transitional lens. Not just on this pair but on any pair of Maui Jim eyeglasses. Maui Jim does not make a lens safe for driving. The Maui Jim lenses, even in prescription Rx, stay dark all of the time. When driving from bright sunlight into darkness, the driver wearing Maui Jim lenses is temporary blind, which can reduce the time a driver has to react in a "see-and-avoid" traffic situation.

Maui Jims are Rx, which means that we can have prescription lenses made by anyone to our own specs to overcome the limitations of the Maui Jim brand. Vision insurance provides progressive lenses with photochromics, that change color for both visible, and UV light.

With the addition of transitional lens properties the Pilot is an excellent driving accessory. In driving it is important to get maximum protection from blinding glare, and only polarized lenses can do this. The polarizing makes it impossible to see sheet ice on the road, but what would they know about that on Maui. Pilots look great, feel great, and in general get the job done.
The thing with prescription frames is that they are generally rectangle and flat.

Where a good set of designer glasses like all things in nature, are all curves, and wrap around. The open nose pad brackets are an improvement on the traditional Aviators pads. They are easy to keep clean, and adjusted.

Maui Jim makes glasses that fit average size faces, only worn the way they want you to wear them. If like many of the baby boomers you like to wear your glasses further away from your eyes, you may find the skull temple guides too short. Maui Jim does not make longer temples, or customize sunglasses for you.