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Glen Cheriton

Glen Cheriton

San Francisco Bay Area

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Hiking & Camping

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I have been a captive of silicon valley my whole life, but now make escapes back home to the wild.

Glen Cheriton

Glen Cheritonwrote a review of on November 23, 2016

2 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times

I purchased the ReVolt while on a trip in the Eastern Sierras to replace my older generation BD Storm headlamp that died. The old Storm was great, the ReVolt is not.

The on/off button is really hard to find with light gloves on as there is no kind of bump to feel for where to press (as the old Storm had), which is a very small spot in the middle of the rubber button.

BD changed how it switches from the spotlight to floodlight modes. On my old storm you simply turned it on then off and on again and it would alternate between them each time. With the ReVolt now you have to rapidly press the on button twice for it to turn flood mode on. This wouldn't be a problem for me if the on button wasn't so difficult to find with gloves on, but because of that it makes it all the more finicky.

Another thing I found bothersome, although in practice did not really cause any problems, is that the beam angle is too high . I found myself using the ReVolt with it angled almost as far down as it could go just to have a comfortable downward light angle. Again, isn't an actual problem, but to me seemed like sloppy design that I would not expect from BD.

Finally, my biggest gripe besides the on/off button is the red light projection, which is a majorly important feature for me when I am photographing or stargazing at night as I need to maintain my natural night vision. On my old Storm light the red LEDs had a nice wide even spread, but on the ReVolt they are now narrowly focused and have a splotchy uneven beam. Just more sloppy design IMO.

Overall I found the ReVolt to be a disappointing deviation from the typically first-class design found with Black Diamond products. I'd like to try the new generation of the Storm headlamp to see how it compares with my favored old gen, and if it suffers from the same design issues as the ReVolt. Otherwise, I hope BD can learn from feedback like this to come back with better product next time.




Glen Cheriton

Glen Cheritonwrote a review of on March 3, 2011

4 5

Great snowshoes. They are the only pair I've owned so I can't really compare them to any others but they perform well enough that I wont be looking that get anything else.

The only thing I could really complain about is the binding system can be pretty annoying, but if you just spend sometime to properly adjust them to your boot then you should be good. I have had a problem with the ends coming loose of the clips that are supposed to hold them in place, but the binding doesn't come loose from this; it is just annoying.




Glen Cheriton

Glen Cheritonwrote a review of on March 22, 2010

5 5

I. LOVE. THIS. JACKET. Seriously, I think Arc'teryx is one of the best brands on the planet. Unfortunately you do have to pay for that, but it is well worth it in my opinion. I have to say, I feel impervious to the elements when I wear this shell, and it is very easy to adjust all around. The hood has 3 (well really 4) different adjustments so it can fit perfectly comfortable for anyone. My ONE miniscule criticism is that the front side hood adjustments can be hard to pull with gloves when you are wearing it.

Something else to know when buying this jacket is that you shouldn't have to size up. I find this jacket is already sized up a little to fit over layers, so if you are a size small (like me) you should probably buy this jacket as a small.