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Girl Kryss

Girl Kryss

Girl Kryss

Girl Krysswrote a review of on December 26, 2010

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These bindings look even sicker up close, but they aren't very good quality.
I bought these in the middle of summer and rode them for the first time on halloween 2010.
they rubber on the toe strap is falling apart. the buckle on the binding broke and doesn't tighten anymore. the metal is rusting. the teeth get stuck so you can't get them off. the toe strap falls off of the toe pretty easily while riding.
don't get me wrong, they look so awesome and are a great ride, but if you plan on actually tearing it up often this season...i would go with something else.

i bought this pair because i own the ride vxn bindings from like 7 years ago and they're still in great condition. i was hoping the quality would be the same for the new pair, no dice.