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Ginger N.

Ginger N.

Ginger N.

Ginger N.wrote a review of on March 27, 2011

Fast and Tough...
5 5

Trial run in the back yard.
Conditions: Chilly that night: 33 and a wind.
Accompaniaments: Cats Meow 20 degree synthetic, thermarest pro lite pad, street clothes, jacket, dog, and an extra blanket for him.
Speed: First time (and even read the directions) - took only a few minutes to set it up sans bug net.
Durability: My Weim River decided to join, but wasn't confident about the whole set up so he stood up and moved around ALOT. I thought for sure his toenails bearing all his 90 pounds punctured the material more than once, but the next morning I couldn't even find a scuff.
Warmth: I slept toasty when I wasn't squished up against the sides of the hammock, which was only the first couple of hours because the dog quickly realized it was much warmer if HE layed on the thermarest. Otherwise (and I'm cold ALL THE TIME) I think I would have been comfortable all night.
Next time I'll: put the tarp closer to hammock to help shed the wind. Also, I'll switch out the supplied stakes with lighter, "stickier" ones from my tent. We bailed and went inside about 2am (for the record, the dog cried uncle first) and the next morning 4 of the stakes were pulled, the tarp was flapping hard in the wind and 3 ropes were ruined. (not a tear though - like I said - tough) Also - I'm pretty sure I'll order River his own hammock to hang below me and to stash all my gear in on rainy nights - I ordered the doublenest hammock, but I wouldn't reccomend sharing it with man or beast if your intent is a solid night's sleep.
Backcountry service is excellent and expedient - and an extra shout out to the wish fulfilling backcountry gurus who somehow knew I had my fingers crossed for the olive/blue combo.