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Gerry Retzloff

Gerry Retzloffwrote a review of on April 20, 2011

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I love the Iron Palm. Nice Hang board, but if you want to spend a little more money, look into the Etch Motherboard. Both are excellent.

Hold descriptions on Iron Palm:
Bottom Edge - One pad (Flat) (Similar to a Door Frame)
Second Edge - One pad (Sloping)
Third Edge - One Pad and Half (Sloping)
Top Edge - Two Pads (In-cut)

The Slopers are also really cool, Probably the main feature of this hang board.
The pinches are cool too, they are flat just to let you know, (not in-cut or sloping), and can be used for compression workouts too.

I Mainly do campus workouts, and practice bumping using every hold. I like this hang board because you get a little bit of every type of hold you need to get stronger, (especially the bottom edge and the slopers in my opinion!)