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Gerry Haugen

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Gerry Haugen

Gerry Haugenwrote a review of on August 25, 2009

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I've been using Ahwahnee & the 4-person Pueblo for over 15 years and have had only great experience with both models. First off, seam seal all seams and floor, using Seam Grip. Then feel comfortable in every kind of Alaskan and NW weather. I've been secure and comfortable in all varieties of rain, sleet, snow and wind (up to 80 mph). And the venting, using the drop down door/window feature protected by the cross-pole overhang, works splendidly with zero condensation. As regards comments about poles, pole retainers and button seating, I've had zero problems! I've nearly worn my Pueblo out, only because it's seen too much UV over its 13 year life- it still hasn't failed although it has severly faded. If you've the money for the purchase, you won't regret it. Obviously any tent is subject to abuse from being stepped on or having a horse fall on it, but then to make a backcountry tent immune to those such abuses would put it outside the realm of packability and practicality! I would definately buy another or recommend them to a friend.
Gerry H.