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Fraser Valley, BC - Chilliwack river, Coquihala, Duffy Lake, Cheakemaus,

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GFunkAllStarwrote a review of on May 27, 2013

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Finally, a great rear-entry drysuit from Kokatat. That feature alone drew me to this model, along with some well thought out designs features clearly introduced in the Jackson-Kokatat collaboration!
The reinforced sections are beefy (almost all of the orange areas), I mean, I've used this suit to do trail maintenance at put-in/take-out locations as well as some long portages for both rafting and kayaking and not even the faintest hint of wear yet.
It does, however, get dirty quick, this florescent colored get-up will stand out, it's bright, but when your mates are done laughing about it, you'll appreciate the comfort - loose fit and super easy to use new 'T-Zips'.

I haven't experienced any leaking through the zippers and they seem to hold up well so far, despite being far lighter, more flexible and made of plastic.

The sizing is a little on the baggy - larger size, it does give you lots of room to move, but if you're on the bottom end of a size scale maybe consider going to the next size down or getting a custom fitted suit from Kokatat directly.