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Frederick Lucies

Frederick Lucies


Vermont, Utah

Frederick Lucies's Bio

I enjoy some camping, light hikes, riding my bike - and my deepest passions are music and saving the environment and wildlife.

Frederick Lucies

Frederick Lucieswrote a review of on February 24, 2009

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Hello all - I manage the copywriters here at backcountry.com, and I was just came across some of the angry reactions to the writer's copy on this product page.

I have four comments.

1. As a rule, yes, we do try to entertain, however we also routinely steer clear of politically based comments. In that regard, this description should never have reached the page. And I am sorry that it offended some.

2. Over the years, I've been amazed at the level of venomous and nearly hateful energy and comments that people increasingly feel easy about making under the comfortable, covert mantle of cyberspace or e-mail. We do not censor any reviews except those that contain hate speech (one on this page was close, but, as they say, "no cigar"). Neither do we hide any of our data from the community.

3. The text does not express the opinion of backcountry or Atomic, so those of you who jumped to that energetic conclusion, please cool it for your own sakes. The text was the product of one highly creative and often over-zealous writer. Take it easy, folks.

4. Transparency is one of our core principles at backcountry.com, and in the interest of transparency, I am preserving the original text created for this product, because after today, Feb 24th, 2009, you will no longer see any reference to the Bush family on this page.

Here's the original text:
Do a couple of steep ‘n deep runs on the Atomic Big Daddy Ski and you might decide to pick your prom date up in these super fat powder beasts instead of borrowing your dad’s Caddy. Atomic built these boats to be stiffer than the average powder ski so you can bomb the sketchy steeps harder than the Bush family bombs oil-producing nations. This ski only comes in one size—huge, so don’t climb into the driver’s seat unless you’re ready to step on the gas. A Dura Edge gives you the bite you need to cruise the grooms when the powder’s been driven into the ground.