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Fredwrote a review of on April 15, 2010

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This review is based on substantial usage for almost 2 years under various conditions and settings. The tent has been used during summer with high temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, during autumn with over 25 mm rain during 24 hours, and during winter in snow with low temperature of -18 degrees Celsius, and it has been used in winds up to 28-33 knots. The tent has been used in an arctic climate, where the above mentioned conditions are considered to quite normal, but it will put any tent to the test. So far I've spent almost 400 nights in various tents, and 40-55 in the Bomb Shelter tent and should be subject to a somewhat qualified review.

Space: In my opinion the tent does not hold more than 3 persons (adult male) if you are supposed to live and operate comfortably, considering every person has to bring some equipment into the living space for drying, large sleeping bags during winter, extra clothing, food etc.
The height of the tent is very good. I'm 6'3 and can sit upright in the mid position of the tent and operate whatever very comfortable.
The two vestibules are small, but can function as cover for backpacks, stoves, fuel and food, during hard weather. They main entrance vestibule (the largest of the two) are a bit too small to use efficiently as a cooking area, especially during winter, melting snow etc. But it is possible:) The small vestibules make the tent stable in high winds, so its a good compromise.

Material: The singular layer ToddTex functions very well under all conditions. I'm impressed with the technology and its performance, and have yet to see any real problems with condensation. Some condensation has to be expected on poles and floor, especially during winter, but compared to other tents and materials I've been using; this is the most versatile and complete. I've yet to experience penetration of outside water during heavy rain. The fabric of the two vestibules however, is very exposed to condensation and heavy rain and is usually wet the morning after. But this does not affect the comfort in the living quarter. NOTE: The doors can never be completely closed, and some ventilations and air circulation is needed to secure high comfort level and as little condensation as possible.
The material is durable, but is exposed to tear and ware with of extensive usage.

Poles: Light weight durable poles, 4 identical for raising the tent and one for the main vestibule. This is sufficient to hold the tent upright and in a very satisfactory tension in heavy winds and snowfall. I have not once used the extra cords on each side for extra stability. The tent is very much stable by itself. One person can easily raise the tent by him/her self in 5 minutes with some training and experience.

Weight: This is where this tent shows why it is clearly my favorite. 3 kg for at 4 season tent with all above mentioned capabilities and performance makes this an easy choice to bring along for any expedition, (in extreme conditions you might want to meet other demands) but this tent is surely the best all-rounder I've ever tried.