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FlameShogunwrote a review of on February 29, 2012

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Recently I decided to upgrade to a more aggressive shoe. After several weeks of research, I finally decided on A great pair of Testarossa's. Best decision of my climbing life! I was looking for performance first and foremost. Comfort was far from my mind. I made a trip out to a local gym to try and test out some new shoes. My main focus was on the Solution and the Testarossa. Function wise, it was a very close. The solution had the better heel, but I liked the Testarossa's toe more. In the comfort department, the Testarossa blew me away. I never expected to find an aggressive shoe that was this comfortable. They're no gym shoe in comfort, but hands down the most comfortable aggressive shoe I've ever worn. I normally wear a 42 climbing shoe. I downsized to 40 1/2 for this pair and it was still comfortable. At the end of the day I choose Testarossa.

In conclusion the pros are almost too numerous to list and the cons are negligible.


- Awesome toe
- Great edges
- Very comfortable (for an aggressive shoe)
- Super sticky rubber


- Heel could be better (not a bad heel. Other shoes just do it better)
- Beware the stretch that comes with any climbing shoe
- Pricey (but worth it)