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Ewelinawrote a review of on January 8, 2012

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got them about 2 weeks ago, but cos winter was not very strong so far i didn't have a chance to test them. untill yesterday.. it was about -3 and i was waiting for a train for about 30 minutes, my feet were cold. if i compare them to my north face there is nothing to talk about - standing for 3 hours in snow, -20 degrees and i feel ok - not like in sorels, when i start to feel uncomfortable and that my feet are starting to freeze - after 30 mins! second thing is they are not waterproof. i washed them today, it was raining outside so i'm not sure about a reason but after taking shoes off when i came back from outside both my socks had spots of water! this is incredible for shoes costing so much.
third thing is the the lining is rubbing and i guess there's gonna be a hole soon.. and all that after 2 weeks only!!! and last.. after 2 hour in that shoes my toes hurt as hell, don't know why only in left foot but still.
the only good thing about that shoes is that they are cute.. but thats not enough for that kinds of winters we have here in Poland.

summing up.. i'm not recommending them. you'll definitely find warmer, better and cheaper shoes. i'm disappointed.. especially that that's my second pair. i had cate the great model earlier but only for 4 days cos it turned out that the stitch at the back is ripped out and i gave them back. these ones i'm wondering if not gonna end up like that as well.

shame on you sorel.