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Ethan Bregman

Ethan Bregman

At least one new Mountain each year. 4 continents covered so far.

Ethan Bregman's Bio

2004 North Eastern College Series 6th ranked GS snowboarder. Haven't raced since.

Ethan Bregman

Ethan Bregmanwrote a review of on March 10, 2009

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Just finshed two days comparing the Vokl bridge to the Line Prophet 80.

I'm 6'0 175lbs, and rode the 174 prophet and 169 bridge. I ski 70-80% Trees/bumps/ob, and 10% park. 10% is the groomers to get from one place to another.

Both handled the intermediate snow at Jupiter Bowl in Park City well.

The big difference I found was that, even with the slightly shorter length, the Vokl was MUCH more stable on the groomers. It would hook up it's edge and not chatter anywhere near as much as the Prophets.

Other than that, the Bridge is slightly wider underfoot, which made edge transitions in the bumps slower, but the shorter length made up for it okay. The Bridge floated better in the 4-5in pow stashes I found in the woods, but the Prophet floated nicely as long as I leaned back a little.

Between the two, I'd take the Vokls, even with that ridiculous paint scheme.