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Erika W.

Erika W.

Erika W.

Erika W.wrote a review of on September 12, 2018

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I'm surprised at all of the 5* reviews! I'm a huge fan of Patagonia and have a staple of their products, but this Atom bag is extremely lackluster for the price. I give only 1 star for the warranty and 1 star for the material. However, it gets zero stars for real world utility. Personally, I'm a woman who doesn't like to carry purses. I prefer slings, crossbodies, and satchels. So, I thought this would be right up my alley!

I wanted a bag that I could carry daily in a tight minimalist package. The "package" is tight, alright. This bag is way too small and can only hold some of your essential items. The phone pocket with "stretch mesh" barely stretches at all. Basically, only very tiny thin phones will fit. The best use is to carry my keys in it and maybe my ID/travel card.

This so-called "sling" is the equivalent of a woman's clutch purse. All looks and almost no substance. If Patagonia were going to ask me how they should update this sling to be truly useful in the modern world, I'd offer them these few pointers:

1. The stretch mesh pocket on the strap should actually stretch. It's just too small to fit medium-size phones.

2. Expand the depth of the inside 14L. That way, it could fit not only tablets, but also a small ultra book. I'm self-employed and do a lot of work on the go.

3. The front pocket should expand across the entire bag. They literally only give you have a pocket of space. So, when the small pocket is stuffed. It looks really crammed on only one half of the bag and flat on the other half. In other words, it looks lopsided.

I'm just so disappointed. A slightly larger (12-14L) sling with good pocket clearance, but a nice no frills structure was exactly what I was looking for, but this isn't it. I'll keep it mainly because it's the best replacement for my laptop bag that I can find that isn't too bulky or lacking aestheticly.

Do better, Pat...