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Erika T.

Erika T.

Erika T.

Erika T.wrote a review of on February 1, 2012

Fits my Toyota Corolla 2001 LE
4 5

I used it to carry two snowboards from Springfield, IL to Twin Lakes, WI and had no issues.

Unfortunately, locks for each foot will cost at least another $60. I felt super paranoid leaving it assembled in Chicago, so it was kind of a hassle to remove it and then put it back on again later.

The foot back, combined with the load bars and the snowboard clamps cost a pretty penny but I think it'll pay itself off in the long run. Before I bought my rack, I could only carry one board in my sedan's backseat and one maybe two passengers who would have to be renting, haha. Now I can carry two boards and 4 passengers. Ah! Convenience!