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Erika Dittmar

Erika Dittmar

Erika Dittmar

Erika Dittmarwrote a review of on January 17, 2013

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've had this backpack for 5 months now and use it 5 days a week to carry my laptop and school supplies to and from campus as I am a graduate student.

There are no water bottle pockets. You can throw a bottle inside, but if it is cold, the condensation gets your stuff wet. This is incredibly annoying.

Another issue I'm having is that the pack doesn't sit up when you set it down. No matter if it's full or empty, when you set it down, it falls forward. It's a pain in the butt because I always have to find something to prop it up against and it still manages to fall into the isles or into someones stuff, and then my stuff falls out making a mess. You have to be really careful about setting it down on raised objects like tables or chairs because it will roll off.

The size is perfect for a laptop and a thick notebook but if you try to add an average sized text book, you're in trouble. If you just carry around a computer and few other things, this bag is perfect. If you want to carry a computer and 2+ books, get something larger.

The material is impeccable. I've carried it a few miles in the rain and my laptop still stayed dry. I've gotten mud all over it and once it dries it falls right off. The zippers are really durable as well and don't catch.

There are plenty of pockets to put stuff. The padded sunglasses pocket is nice, but if your pack is full your glasses will get squished.

When completely full, the pack is still very comfortable. The straps are padded and put very little pressure on your shoulders.