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Ericwrote a review of on May 18, 2009

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This is a great pack, the adjustable frame was nice to get a custom fit w/o a lot of work. I just did a 10 mi break-in trip carried everything I needed. Felt supportive w/o all the extra straps and padding you find in other packs - personal preference is I don't need those things for short trips which is what this pack is sized for. The mess back with open space is a nice feature - still sweated but it wasn't trapped. The only downside to the mess is that it wears out the back of a shirt. I had a brand new performance t-shirt on and it it rubbed piling all on the back. So definitely not going to wear anything I care about in the future. The other thing was I couldn't reach the water bottle in either holster with the pack strapped in. But I don't think they could have designed it to do so based on the size/ length of the pack. Overall, it was super comfortable and carried the load evenly which is how I pick a pack. The rest are nice features.