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Eric Olson

Eric Olson

Eric Olson

Eric Olsonwrote a review of on May 8, 2007

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I can't add much that hasn't already been said. I bought the Hedgehogs because I needed something with good grip on wet and slippery surfaces that would keep my feet dry through year round bush conditions. After over a month of heavy use, three to five times a week, the shoe performs as advertised.

The North Face last fits my foot particularly well. After a full 8 hours hard walking in the shoe off paved surfaces, my feet don't get soreness or hot spots and foot fatigue is minimal.

My pair has yet to show any signs of premature wear. A friend of mine had the same shoe, and after a full season of hard use the laces failed in a couple places where they are stressed by the eyelets. On the other hand, about the same time I got my Hedgehogs he replaced his with a pair of Gore-Tex Salomons, which are already starting to have the stitching fail where the uppers flex at the forefoot.

Not the lightest shoe around, but considering it's very waterproof, and the soles grip most surfaces like crazy, it's a great compromise. I'd buy another pair when my current ones wear out.