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Eric Kriel

Eric Kriel

Eric Kriel

Eric Krielwrote a review of on May 12, 2011

Best Bottle EVER!! These Bottles Do not leak!
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thoughts after someone commented that the bottle leaks:

Might want to check and make sure it's not just some water that is between the bottom section and the bottle section, when I fill the bottles for the team I thought they were leaking too. Then after I shook out the water that was caught between the bottom and the bottle no more water came out. I have filled over 500 of these over and over again so far this season and none of them leak, even after being thrown at me from riders, a quick wash in the dishwasher and there good as new!

also just thought, if you put cold water in it, sweat will accumulate in this section as well giving the appearance of a leak as well. Best way to test this is with a mix or liquid that has color in it. Best Bottles I have ever used.