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Eric Elliott

Eric Elliott

Lake Tahoe, PCT, Yosemite, Pacific Coast

Eric Elliott's Bio

You know those mornings where you wake up, grab a nice hot cup of coffee and look outside and see nothing but nickle sized snowflakes falling. That's the beginning of a great day. POW POW and more POW. Untouched, uncharted and untracked powder in Tahoe is amazing and it's only an hour away from my door step. In the summers i hike anywhere and everywhere..mostly in the Sierra Mountain Ranges. Staying active, doing good and make people genuinely smile are things that i live for.


Eric Elliott

Eric Elliottwrote a review of on March 3, 2010

5 5

look i don't know shit about shit..but I'm gonna toot my own horn, i rip it up when i ride...i've had a couple of drake bindings a pair of technine pro mfm...and now i have the burton missions..these things strap on tight AND fast...i dig em.

mine are metal so they're pretty strong, light and durable..

in short, if your feet had a brain, your footies would have a piece of mind when you strap up.

good purchase. get 'em....or else.