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Eric Bowman

Eric Bowman

Eric Bowman

Eric Bowmanwrote a review of on July 16, 2010

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I use interchangeable lenses so I can put in clear lenses at night for motorcycling. Previous to my first Native purchase, I wore a similar model from a competitor. On a visit to a retailer after my last pair of competitor shades broke, the salesman suggested that I try Natives. I still own the original pair of Natives. One thing I noticed right off is that the Natives provide considerably more coverage. Additionally, they were a far better deal, coming with a spare set of temples, nosepiece, etc. In addition, they come with a full suite of lenses, while their competitor's come only with one set. Finally, they are priced much lower than their competitor.
In use, I have been very impressed with the Natives. As previously stated, I wear them on my motorcycle so they get pretty extreme abuse. I've found them easy to clean, even when bugs have been obliterated on their surface. They are very difficult to scratch, and stay put even when at highway speeds. When I'm pursuing human-powered enjoyments, they stay fog free even on extremely humid or cold days. In freezing weather, I've found them to be the best I've worn at resisting frost as well.
The final thing I've found (it takes longer) is in the Native durability. While I was replacing the competitor glasses every other year or so, I still own my original Natives. They are now five years old.
I can't say I'd recommend many products as strongly as I recommend Native eyewear.