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E M Cwrote a review of on July 16, 2015

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I don't know what this stuff is really. I've used about every single wax brand and type out there, I've tried multiple styles and methods of waxing, and I consider myself as pretty good with waxing snowboards and skis.
When I first bought this wax, I was somewhat suspicious about it so I decided to give it a go. The wax is really easy to use, just rub the white foam part on the base of the board (You need to press down to squirt out some wax through the foam). I rubbed it all over my base after a good base clean. The layer of wax penetrates well into the base (Sintered) and scraping was unnecessary (Only a really thin layer of flaky wax was over the base. Unless you're racing, this layer should rub off on your first run). Next day was a really hot day with a lot of puddles all over the mountain. Surprisingly, the wax worked a lot better than my usual go-to hydro "Hot" wax that I would iron and brush on. I was charging the whole mountain and never lost any speed while approaching jumps and rails. I checked the base at the end of the day, and to my surprise, the base still looked as if I just waxed it! As an experiment, I didn't wax the base again and went snowboarding again the next day. No Problems at all.

The very next week, I had a competition in an icier area. Risked it and tried the liquid wax. Went faster then everyone else!!