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Elliot Whitehead

Elliot Whitehead

Elliot Whitehead

Elliot Whiteheadwrote a review of on August 15, 2011

5 5

These headphones are far and away THE best headphones out there. Even arguably worth $100. (Beats in-ear headphones don't even compare).

I am currently loving my second pair of these (which I returned a pair of diddy beats in order to buy).

These headphones have excellent tight bass which is not blown out or distorted and really just resonates in your ears. The treble/highs are also fantastic, never crackling or fading like other headphones I've used.

These are also some of the most comfortable headphones around. Great shape/design, and are really just quality built. They feel solid in your hands, have a nice rubberized finish and are rather tangle free (when stored properly).

And my favorite thing about these headphones are the style. These will turn a few heads. I often get complements on these headphones:

"Those are so sick"
"Are those really expensive headphones?" -->(which they aren't for the quality)


Anyways, Nixon has done a good thing with these high quality reasonably price headphones and I will probably continue to recommend and purchase these headphones exclusively until they are discontinued. Which hopefully are never.

In summary, I have absolutely no gripes with these headphones. They block external sound great and have almost no sound bleed. I love popping these in and really just enjoying my music. Buy these, and I have no doubt you will do the same.