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Ekatalinwrote a review of on June 16, 2004

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The wheel fork tire mount is okay. We love our Yakima roof rack and wanted to be able to store the tires up there as well as they get muddy quite often. The first problem was that the mounts have to go in between the two bike holders, meaning that I cannot put my wheel up there from the ground. Either I have to climb up the car or my boyfriend can reach. So placement was a bit of a problem, getting 2 bikes & 2 tires on top of a Saturn. They are also not lockable as far as I can see, so that's a risk. Lastly, they're not the most sturdy. We have them pretty tight but sometimes they slide backwards on the round bars. Yesterday that happened on the highway & the wheel came off & hit the car behind us. Luckily no damage or accidents, but needless to say I likely won't use it again on the highway unless I am 100% sure it's safe. Not sure if that was our faulty securing of the wheel or the product design, and I will use it for when I ride locally and get the bike muddy, but we are a lot more careful with it now.