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Ed Landphere

Ed Landphere

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Ed Landphere

Ed Landpherewrote a review of on January 18, 2010

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The idea is great...and when the unit works...the coffee is convenient and great. Used the first unit 10 times this last summer while camping in Montana. The components of the unit will freeze up from rust if exposed to humid and moist camping conditions. A bad canister of propane will clog the fuel line as well. I've actually disassembled the first unit to confirm the review. I returned the unit for a refund and purchased another to give the product a thorough run. Cleaned the unit, per the instructions by running a round of water through the unit...all went well. The next day, tent camped Yosemite National Park and the top regulator knob became stuck and would not turn...propane unable to travel through fuel line! Found that the regulator switch is faulty. When the unit works...the result is great, unattended coffee in about 12 minutes. Not worth it!