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EZ-L Rockwell

EZ-L Rockwell

the Wasatch, the Uintahs, Sugarhouse & Liberty Parks, Moab, MN

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Hiking & Camping

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Skiing, hiking, camping, table-tennis (my new "nerd-sport" love!) Kung Fu Cinema passion -- Striving to be the least credible reviewer of all time! Vote "NO"! :))

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EZ-L Rockwell

EZ-L Rockwellwrote a review of on December 30, 2008

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I love this jacket! It's unbelievably light at only 15.7oz. and the Polartec is super-fleecy and comfortable on the inside. The fit is nearly tailored for my body-type (6'1"/slender). I forget that I'm wearing a jacket when I have it on. It feels like you have on a tailored dress shirt made of soft-shell fabric. It fits snuggly under the arms, so when you reach over your head, it doesn't ride up. It feels like you are wearing a nicely tailored shirt, rather than a jacket. The zippers are super easy to find and slide effortlessly, all but the main zipper, which is reversed (i.e. on the woman's side). I had trouble with that one until someone told me to put some chapstick on it. It glides better now. The hood is small, but I assume it fits under an ice-climbing helmet nicely. Call me nuts, but I am thinking about getting another one, in case they discontinue this model before mine wears out. This jacket is great.