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EREK wrote a review of on January 3, 2010

Finally got one of my own!!!
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A friend of mine left his hoodlamb jacket in my car aout a year ago. Told him I had it and he said "just wear it till I can get it" so I got to sport it for about 6 months!

Started to get it pretty dirty so got it dry cleaned and called it quits before something bad happened to it.

This Xmas the 'rents got me one, Black, and I love it! The only thing thats "wack" is the left handed zipper is kind of weird, but its not my only jacket with one so there must be a reason for it.

One thing that could be added is a little "fact" tag or something. what the jackets made out of, so when people ask I can just check it and tell them instead of having to remember... the papers it comes with helps me to forget...

The jacket is perfect! Went out in 26 degree weather with just a t-shirt under it and was warn, then went in 65 degree weather and wasn't hot.