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Drewwrote a review of on December 8, 2011

Camp Four Shoes
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Pretty sweet. It's winter in Colorado right now so haven't scrambled any peaks in them yet. Did about 50 miles in the very rugged Gila wilderness is southwestern New Mexico and they preformed quite well on the class 4 terrain. Also went sport climbing will down there and got lazy towards the end of the day and decided to just keep them on for a few 5.8 leads to set up a top rope for some new-bees. Improvements: a gortex model would be killer! Did some hiking the other day and on north slopes there was about 4-6in of snow. My feet never got wet but certainly would have if they were exposed a little longer. Last comment is about the sole. I dig it and it gets the job done but this shoe would be unsurpassed if the sole was more rigid. When free soloing class 4 through 5.7 or so the better a shoe edges the more comfortable I am. Stiffen the sole and make them gortex and I will never buy another shoe.