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Drew Phillips

Drew Phillips

Drew Phillips

Drew Phillipswrote a review of on March 5, 2014

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I’ve been skiing on 185 cm Helldorados for two seasons now. I am 5’8” and 165 lbs. My skis are set up with Rossignol FKS bindings mounted 2 cm behind center. There is a lot to love about them, but like anything in life, there are some shortcomings. I will start with the positives.
Groomers: These skis handle amazingly on groomers, almost too good for being 113 mm underfoot. I think the stiffening of the ski via the added two sheets of metal aid in the ability to carve down groomers. They change edges very easily and really slingshot you out of the turn with a lot of energy. I feel like I can depend on these skis to keep an edge while bombing down a groomer going mach 10.
Powder: Three words, Great. Powder. Skis. These skis like to float on top of the powder and leave all your friends in the dust. Just like the performed on the groomers, the Helldorados like to take the deep powder with speed and big turns.
Bumps and Trees: This is where I started to see the downside of the Helldorados. These skis do not like to make quick, short turns. I am not able to take a tree run or a mogule run as fast as I would like without losing control. I believe this to be due to the stiffness of the skis.
Crud and Chop: The Helldorados seemed to not like previously skied runs. The tips seem to always want to dive or get caught up in heavier snow. One thing I have noticed is that the tips do not curve up very much and the tips seem to be softer than the rest of the ski. If the tips of the skis get caught going down into the snow (which it does fairly easily), it is very hard to pull them back up without throwing all your weight to the back of the skis. This can sometimes save you from going out the front, but it can also cause you to fall backwards. The tails of the ski, like the tips, are pretty soft and when you move your weight to the back of the skis, they do not hold you up.
Just a few extras: The Helldorado's graphics are sick, but the are very heavy.