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Joshua D.

Joshua D.

the town i live in is about 4 hours from any mountain but i normally mish up to tahoe every year.

Joshua D.'s Bio

i grew up in quincy california. a small town about 1.5 hrs away from tahoe/donner area. during my time living there i went snowboarding every year since 5th grade until about 10th grade. at that point i moved to nipomo california where im near no resorts at all. i live next to the ocean which has some perks to it... but nothing like the snow and the mountains. for about 3 years i never got to go due to school and distance. but now that im in college and support myself working as a seasonal firefighter, im able to go a bit more... my dream is to own a house in truckee and open my own board shop even though i know that it would be a very competitive business.

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