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Donato Polignone

Donato Polignone

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Donato Polignone

Donato Polignonewrote a review of on December 27, 2009

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After learning how to climb with the La Sportiva Cliff shoe, the standard rental shoe in climbing gyms. i decided to upgrade my shoe. After trying on countless pairs of shoes i found the La Sportiva Mantis. Yes, they are a bit uncomfortable at first but break in quickly, maybe a few hours of wearing them. I have much better feel on smaller foot holds even though they come with a velcro fit system they seem to have molded to my feet even better than my old pair of Cliff shoes. I'm a 5.10 climber and working to get to 5.11's . I think this is the perfect shoe to get me there. Now, the rest is up to me. I highly recommend this shoe, it has all day wearing comfort and i don't have to take them off to belay!