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DonJuanJuliowrote a question about on March 2, 2013

So I was thinking of mounting these skis at -1 cm from True Center of the ski. I am riding the 190's and my thoughts on this is that with my boot size (27.5 mondo) it will place the bindings just aft of the tip camber (1 or 2 cm at most) and slightly in front of the tail camber (probably 3-4 cm in front of the tail camber at most). I am 6'4" and 200 lbs and my thoughts looking at the design is that it allows for an almost True Center mount, plus with the light weight and sweet tip and tail rocker the ski could become a dope off piste freeski mounted at -1. I would love any thoughts on this because I don't want to mount at -1 and regret it forever because I ruined the performance of the ski. The mounting line on these skis directly from Moment is like 14 cm back from true center and that is why I am concerned going for only 1 cm back. Should I mount at that position or is my thinking way off base????