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Divine Raptor

Divine Raptor

Divine Raptor

Divine Raptorwrote a review of on January 8, 2010

Always Wasted
5 5

Always thought arbor had a cool look with the natural wood, so when I was looking for a new board a year ago, I couldn't resist the Wasteland.

I was kinda nervous getting a mid-wide because riding a wide board to me, is like wearing a condom, I can't feel shit. But the wasteland has great reflex and floats over powder to boot. Best of both worlds? I think so.

Pretty stiff board, super responsive and really lightweight; doesn't noodle around all that well, but has great pop. Perfect for hitting kickers, not the ultimate for boxes and rails.But as a freeride all mountain board, this thing murders every other board I've ever strapped on to. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not a fan of all the noodle boards that waffle down the mountian just so kids can do an easy steezy nose press.

Structurn base is nice keeping speed over flats, but seems to be a bit softer material than I'm use to. I've had gouges and core shots; many base repairs so far, probably it's fine, and could just be the conditions lately.

A chunk of the top sheet and inlay wood chipped off the first day I rode it, but since then only a few cracks, and its been fine. I'd say the top sheet is the weakest part of this boards design.

Also comes to me that its a tad bit over priced, but thats sort of how arbor is. They do maintain cool graphics that maintain an edge but dont look like neon day glo raver accessories. I'd rather look like a pirate, than a butt pirate.

Fortunately the overall of this board really overcomes its weaknesses, and really dominates on its competition. Its the only board I've liked enough to buy two of.

next up, illuminati... erm... darn it, nevermind.