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Diusghwrote a review of on April 15, 2013

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I dig the Odin, they are pretty cushy for a for a low profile shoe, of course not as amazing as their bulkier companion. I purchased the black/red iteration of the shoe.
The ventilation on the sides is great, my feet get super sweaty on a daily basis. I like the black and the ventilation gives a cool shine and texture to the look.
The laces are a bit odd, they aren't traditional laces they are flat and waxy. The shoes come with a draw string clasp (the plastic slide that closes most laundry bags, whatever those are called) that I'm assuming you can use instead of tying them. I didn't find them overly useful. I'd prefer if the tongue had an eyelet for the laces to go through, I prefer to not bend over to pull my shoe on, all in all not a big deal. The tongue is nicely thick I dropped a soup can on my foot and didn't bruise.
Overall a solid shoe I haven't done any tricks with them, but they feel good with a board under you and look awesome. I haven't gotten a pair of Globes in 10 yrs. I'm glad they still have the same quality and comfort that got me into my first pair back then.