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Dick Thompson

Dick Thompson

Relationship topic...vis a vis Jane Fonda

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What is it with the "Beyond Fonda" bit in the recent email notice?

I can tell you absolutely that if you are even 1/10th of 1/10th of 1% involved with or owned by any Fonda I will cease shopping with you. I will advise all I know to do the same and why. I am beginning a web search to find out.

If you have to ask you are either oblivious or in denial. Anyone who cheered American soldiers and airmen dying, as she did, is not a fitness expert, in fact that too was/is a scam.

Please tell me it was a copy writer's error who doens't know anything about the 60's and 70's.

You 1968-1971 Veteran here...old but memory still works.

Dick Thompson

Dick Thompsonwrote a review of on November 28, 2008

5 5

The name Monkey Man Fleece Jacket intrigued me, so I bought one. Now I am about to buy a couple more. Yes, it fits tight if your gut is extended, and mine is a bit, but I'm still 6' x 190 lbs, 44 shoulder and 36 gut (aggggh!) thanks to my more sedentary life style these days (I'm older than dirt). However at that size a Large fits fine for an under layer....snug but just right...with a nice drop down at the back side. If you want blousy around a large middle, get a size larger. However, the normal right size for you will be the right size for you in most cases. It is warm under a shell, and it breaths well, just open the pit zips on the shell. I would have loved to have had one of these when I was riding horses daily under a short barn coat or the de rigor Comfy Brand down jacket...bending over (you do that a lot with horses) or mounting and dismounting exposes your backside a bit, and sucks in February. This jacket is the cure, under either. As it is now, I diddle around with photogrpahy in out of the way mountain places and this jacket is the perfect first layer under a long waterproof shell (many pockets for gear), and under a middle layer of a down snap front liner when cold enough. Best part is perhaps the zippers which can be operated gloves on, like most Mtn Hdwe stuff.

In short, you don't have to be a delightfully crazy & 20 something adreneline junky (any more) like many of the contributors I've read. It really is a good piece of gear for ordinary Joe's whose crazy days are a bit in the past.




Dick Thompson

Dick Thompsonwrote a review of on October 25, 2004

4 5

Well designed jacket, almost perfect for on & off use, very packable for air travel, and as warm as advertised. I use for commute to city high rise office, as well as to exercise and train dogs in open country. Would be a 5-star if the area over kidneys had more volume...a little light there, and should have the same kind of snag resistant fabric for the waist band as the shoulders and is a high wear area. Fleece pockets are very nice, as is the position of the Napolean pocket, easy access and room for glasses and cell phone. Can't have everything, so for the cost, it is a great value.