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Devinwrote a review of on January 1, 2013

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At first impression the board seemed extremely stiff especially for a rocker. After riding it for a week I've notice that while on the stiffer side, it actually has a decent flex, adequate for nose/tail presses and just locking on to rails. torsional flex is about a 5. This board seems like a fairly sturdy board but I noticed that the top sheet doesn't seem to be the best quality. It started peeling up on a corner after I had barely tapped it against a brick wall while carrying my board. The tap was so tiny that I had no idea it would have had the effect that it did on the sidewall and top sheet. the board is comfortable while riding and I was able to initiate heel and toeside turns with ease. The rocker profile to this board didn't go unnoticed while turning and traveling at faster speeds. It does get squirrely at high speeds and feels really unstable, but if buttering is your thing then you will have no problem on this board. I would say this board is best used by beginners or even intermediates on a budget who want a solid all mountain board with a playful and forgiving feel. The rocker design will keep the nose up in powder and also allow a playful feel while ground tricking or pressing on rails, and also leaves some room to progress for beginners. IMO the edges on this board were quite dull when I got mine so I gave it a nice edge before ever taking it out. All in all solid board, could be better but for the price point this board is a good value.




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