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Detroit handrails, gaps, i ride at alpine valley, mt brighton and mt holley, etc anything i can leave board residue on! XD

Devin's Bio

My lies shall rot with me, for i'm an honest man.

Music, Rollerblading and Snowboarding is my life.

I play guitar in I Am Vile.
7/8 lobes
middle Libre


Devinwrote a review of on October 27, 2009

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skullcandy always amazes me with the new products they release! i for one am a huge fan of the original icon but these are even better then before! ive been riding with the icons for 2 yrs and before i had the lowriders... too much movement while they are on!! The icon reign get them! they fit perfectly, they are not heavy and unless you clip that edge on a rail and bang your ish your good!