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Dennis Weatherspoon

Dennis Weatherspoon

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Dennis Weatherspoon

Dennis Weatherspoonwrote a review of on January 6, 2011

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I am ridding on my 2nd pair since they came out and about to buy my 3rd here. Both pair still function, both are just worn in the sole and heel pocket is packed out. I have never broken a lace and never had a problem with the lace catch. You just have to learn your boot. I watched a young turk one night at the slope pull his laces so hard he broke both ! If the boots are toooooo big for you, all the lace pull in the world won't correct for a boot oversized. Try boots on and don't buy sight unseen unless you know the brand and how well their liner and lace system works. Do some research and don't just get the cheapest or coolest pair you see on sale. You can make do with a cheap board and bindings if you have too. The best board made with the best binding made will still ride like Crap if your boots DO NOT FIT ! More powder days please !