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Davidwrote a review of on October 31, 2011

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Wanted a stiff light shoe, capable of dealing with the North Shore cross country riding I do. Comfort was great, but quickly strted loosing lugs. After about 5 months though, the cleat area cracked, and returned it to LBS, who were great. Diadora offered a shabby response, and offered 1/2 list price on a replacement... As I was headed of on a weeks MTB trip, I reluctantly accepted. Within 2 days though, lugs were falling off the new pait and the shoe was falling apart. I used copious amounts of "shoe goo" to hold it together for the week. On return, LBS was great, but Diadora claimed "inappropriate usage", no replacement offered.

So pity, the shoe was really comfortable, but doesn't last under modest wear.

Would avoid Diadora, as their reponse has been awful.